Ludwig Classic Maple, Mod Red Swirl 22"

€ 3.709,00

Ludwig Classic Maple, Mod Red Swirl 22"

€ 3.709,00

Productnaam: L88204AX

4 delige ketelset bestaande uit:

18x22" bassdrum 

16x16" floortom

9x12" tom 

8x10" tom 

7-ply Cross-laminated North American Maple Shells, 6mm thick w/ 45-degree angle bearing edge, Bright attack with maximum sustain for exceptional adaptability. Made in the U.S.A.

Classic Maple Series

A Custom Solution for the Discerning Player

Bearing Edge

Each drum's bearing edge is cut to a 45-degree angle within 1/16" from the outside edge. This sharp edge is hand-sanded to the craftsman's touch to assure a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating; the final touch to complete the unmistakable Ludwig Sound.

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