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Ludwig LAP15FP Pro Single Bass Pedal.

€ 179,00


Zwaar gewicht, duurzaam en ontworpen voor hoge prestaties. Deze pedalen zijn bestand tegen spelen met volledige impact en veel reizen.

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Pro Single Bass Pedal LAP15FP

  • We invented the Bass Drum Pedal, now we're perfecting it. True to the vision of our pioneering founder, the new Atlas Pro Bass Drum Pedal is built for a whole new level of performance. All appointments are infinitely adjustable for precise, customized feel and lasting stability.

  • "In 1909, I secretly set to work on an idea which had long been tossing through my mind... [a bass drum pedal with] a shorter beater rod connected close the the beating spot... Crude as it was, it worked." Wm. F. Ludwig, 1965

  • Ideal Cam Geometry: For low and high footboard angles.

  • Fully adjustable: Customize feel and position with footboard angle, beater angle, and spring tension adjustments.

  • Lightweight Aluminum cam and beater clamp: For reduced rotation weight and improved stroke.

  • Tri-Felt 'red stripe' beater: Made of medium-density felt for punchy attack and full sound, with lightweight aluminum hub, stainless steel shaft, and laser-engraved "Atlas" beater cap.

  • Stainless-Steel Drive Shaft: Machine tooled for precise rotation and easy adjustability.

  • Monarch dual-chain Drive Cam: Delivers smooth, fluid action without sacrificing power.

  • Bearing-Pivotal Spring Adjustment: Ball bearings support for both ends of the spring decreases resistance in each stroke for maximum speed and increased spring life.

  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors: Added stability and grip to insure solid, slip-free performance located directly under the heel plate for improved stability.

  • Maintenance-free Bronze sleeve bearings: Positioned in the heel of the footboard for durability and smooth action.

  • Modern-Classic footboard design with removable toe stop: CAD Designed and Optimized for a perfect balance of light weight and high strength.

  • Included Atlas drum key with storage clip on the baseplate.

  • Multi-Positioning Hoop Clamp: A non-marring clip that adjusts to the diameter of the drum for less damage to the hoop.

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