Ludwig LAP12FPR Pro Double Bass Drum Pedal.

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Zwaar gewicht, duurzaam en ontworpen voor hoge prestaties. Deze pedalen zijn bestand tegen spelen met volledige impact en veel reizen.

Heavy weight, durable and designed for high performance. These pedals can withstand full-impact play and a lot of travel.

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Pro Double Bass Drum Pedal LAP12FPR

  • For the ultimate balance of speed, precision, and power, the Atlas Pro Double Bass Drum Pedal is the new standard. Formed for solid, reliable play under the most stressful touring conditions.

  • Aircraft aluminum connector shaft: Ball bearing universal joints and solid hexagonal shaft for lightweight, zero latency power transfer, ensuring identical feel and response on both the slave and master pedals.

  • Includes long chain and short chain options for ideal cam geometry at low or high footboard angles.

  • Fully adjustable: Customize feel and position with footboard angle, beater angle, and spring tension adjustments.

  • Lightweight Aluminum cam and beater clamp: For reduced rotation weight and improved stroke.

  • Tri-Felt 'red stripe' beaters: Made of medium-density felt for punchy attack and full sound, with lightweight aluminum hub and stainless steel shaft.

  • Stainless-Steel Drive Shafts: Machine tooled for precise rotation and easy adjustability.

  • Monarch dual-chain Drive Cam: Delivers smooth, fluid action without sacrificing power.

  • Bearing-Pivotal Spring Adjustment: Ball bearings support for both ends of the spring decreases resistance in each stroke for maximum speed and increased spring life.

  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors: Added stability and grip to insure solid, slip-free performance located directly under the heel plate for improved stability.

  • Footboard mounted, threaded spike spurs: To keep the footboard solidly anchored to the ground on both the master and slave pedals.

  • Maintenance-free Bronze sleeve bearings: Positioned in the heel of the footboard for durability and smooth action.

  • Modern-Classic footboard design with removable toe-stops: CAD Designed and Optimized for a perfect balance of light weight and high strength.

  • Included Atlas drum key with storage clip on the master base plate.

  • Multi-Positioning Hoop Clamp: A non-marring clip that adjusts to the diameter of the drum for less damage to the hoop.

"This is a no-fuss, play-it-straight-out-of-the-box double pedal built for high performance and night-after-night reliability." - Modern Drummer, March 2012

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